Consulting Vets

Dr Melanie Quick of The Problem Horse

Dr Melanie Quick—BVSc (hons), MACVSc, Grad Dip Anim Chiro, IVAS: Dr Quick has been a farrier for 17 years, an equine lameness vet for 15 years, and a chiropractic vet for the past six years. She estimates that she has reviewed around 12,000 horses (48,000 hooves) from a gait and foot perspective since 2004. She also mentors and reviews the work of all trimmers affiliated with GoBarefoot – The Hoof Trim Network.

Dr Quick has studied a number of brumby populations and correlated their movement to their (naturally abraded) hoof profiles.

She is passionate about promoting equine soundness. She regularly refers her own clients to GoBarefoot for ongoing maintenance and therapeutic hoof care.


Dr Neal Valk of Natural Equine Podiatry (USA)

Dr Valk’s transition to the world of barefoot trimming began when a client persuaded him to host a clinic for Pete Ramey.  He is now part of Bruce Nock’s Liberated Horsemanship which is a descendant of Jaime Jackson’s earlier teaching.

Today his clinic – Natural Equine Podiatry at the Stonehill Veterinary Centre in Greeneville, Tennessee – focuses largely on barefoot hoofcare.

Dr Valk lectures across a range of subjects including reading X-Rays of the Hoof, clinical examination of the hoof, common diseases and disorders of the hoof that professional trimmers are likely to encounter.  ”The idea is not to makd vets of trimmers, but to help trimmers understand when veterinary intervention is valuable,” he says. “Much as we wrestle with each other, trimmers and vets need to learn to communicate and work together for the greater good.”

He also does a presentation on euthanasia – helping trimmers understand that not everything can be fixed and some cases have no hope of recovery.very, but the trimmers had no experience with these hopeless cases and so became frustrated with the trim! I feel that trying to teach trimmers how to know when to quit, and to respect the owner’s decision to quit, are important aspects of our profession.